As one of the earliest digital Personal Information Managers, outliners have a long history, and outlining software remains popular because it can be adapted to a wide range of uses:
The Knowledge
As a personal knowledge base into which you can pour ideas, snippets of text, links and other information, and which can be continually re-shaped to help you pull out the findings from your research.
The Student's
As a device for taking structured lecture notes, allowing you to break them down into bite-sized chunks that can be re-organized and expanded at a later date.
One outliner across all of your connected devices One cloud outliner across all of your connected devices: on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android or iOS
The Task
As a way of organizing the information associated with personal and professional projects such as tasks to-do, decisions made, and a project's supporting documentation.
The Writer's
As a tool for writing school essays, college reports, university dissertations, academic papers & thesis, and even novels and screenplays, helping you to give structure to your thoughts and ideas.